Inspection Services

Vendor Surveillance, Inspection Services & Procurement Quality Coordination

At Shepherd, we also provide post contract award support services in the form of contract oversight, monitoring, coordination among others on behalf of our clients where and when they are unable to. Our Vendor surveillance services could be in the form of full time on-site presence or periodic visits to vendor facilities to ensure compliance with the terms of our client’s purchase orders or contracts as well as to ensure adherence to quality assurance and control requirements.

We are able to assign Inspectors to project locations, equipment manufacturing shops or material supply houses around the world through our alliance with Inspection Companies in the UK and the USA. Our direct purchase orders with manufacturers or sub-suppliers undergo strict inspection requirements in line with the inspection levels assigned to the purchased commodities by our clients.

For example, Shepherd has provided inspection services at URS Facility in Houston during the fabrication of several skids for our client. While our client has a direct contract with the fabricator, we provided 3rd party independent oversight on behalf of our client. Shepherd’s outline agreement with Moody Intertek (now Intertek) was used to provide the inspectors for this project.